Highlining grew out of a similar activity known as slacklining.

For each sport, athletes attempt to walk down spans of nylon webbing strung between two points. The only real difference is that highlines are suspended dozens or even hundreds of feet in the air while slacklines are hung just a few feet off of the ground. Like the slalom adds gates to make downhill skiing more challenging, highlining adds height to make slacklining more challenging.


Eight hundred and twenty feet above the ground, on the side of a volcano in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Nathan Paulin took a careful step onto a thin highline. He continued to walk across the line, maintaining his balance, and managed to traverse a staggering 1,322 feet — the longest highline walk ever completed.

Pablo Signoret

Travis Rice is an American professional snowboarder, who was raised as a skier by his father. He soon took an interest in snowboarding and joined the local team. At the age of 18, without a sponsor he decided to go to Mammoth Mountain in California and enter Snowboarder Magazine’s ‘Superpark’ contest. It was at this event that he made his mark and rose to fame.

Rafael Bridi

Rafael “Rafa” Bridi aka The Bandit to his fellow slackliners, is one of a handful of athletes and enthusiasts committed to seeing the sport of slackline (and subtypes like highline, waterline, trickline and speedline) recognized as a legitimate sport. He and his friends helped establish some of the first highlines in Brazil in 2010, and Rafa has been hooked ever since.



Climbing ropes are typically of kernmantle construction, consisting of a core (kern) of long twisted fibres and an outer sheath (mantle) of woven coloured fibres. The core provides about 80% of the tensile strength, while the sheath is a durable layer that protects the core and gives the rope desirable handling characteristics.


Highliners may decide whether to wear a helmet based on a number of factors such as the type of climb being attempted, concerns about weight, reductions in agility, added encumbrances, or simple vanity.


Most highliners wear a safety harness tethered to the rope to prevent them from falling to their deaths if (when) they slip.

Walk the line


Get your heart racing walking lines above a beautiful expanse of canyons and natural arches in Moab, Utah.
The region has more slacklines than any other area in the country. Distance and free solo records have
been broken in Moab, and dozens of the area’s sandstone peninsulas and
natural bowls are fixed with at least 10 highlines each.

Lake Tohoe

Lake Tahoe’s slacklines are a combination of waterlines—the longest being 233 feet—and alpine lines.
Not only can you enjoy the slacklining elements of this area, but to reach most you need to embark on a hike.
While you’re there you might as well camp to get the full adventure experience.


In Aiglun, France, on Tuesday, April 19, the highliner and balance athlete Nathan Paulin, along with Danny Menšík,
set a new record for the longest slackline ever, just over one kilometer (3,346.5 feet, or nearly two-thirds of a mile).